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As the strength of a building lies in its foundation, any sort of damage to the foundation should be a matter of concern. In order to repair issues such as cracks or water damage, you need the help of knowledgeable experts to ensure there is no further damage. Our team is experienced and skilled to undertake different types of foundation repairs in St. Catharines and surrounding areas. We serve the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

What We Do

Listed below are the services we provide:

Chance™ Helical Pier Installation

CHANCE® helical pier installation: Stabilize, support and lift areas of a foundation that have failed with settlement pier and bracket installation.

Foundation Structural Repair

Foundation structural repair: Effective reconstruction or reinforcement of exterior foundation walls through the removal of underpinning, structural repairs, new floor and wall construction.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing: Protect, drain and grade to keep water away from the structure through wall reconstruction or reinforcement with additional drainage around the wall exterior.

Expert Masonry Restoration

Expert masonry restoration

Repointing, replacement and repair of mortar joints, and brick or stone exterior walls.

commercial and industrial

Commercial and industrial projects: Large-scale repair and restoration projects of Niagara’s commercial and community facilities.

Professional Analysis

If you notice a structural issue or damage to your foundation, please contact our team right away. We’ll survey the structure to establish a diagnosis and also provide a free estimate prior to repairing the foundation. Rempel Foundation Solutions offers a 100% guarantee on completion.


CHANCE® Trained and Certified

Stop the damaging effects on foundation settling with our help.

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