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If you notice problems such as cracks on your foundation wall or walls separating from the house, immediate action has to be taken. Damage to the foundation can result in the wall collapsing or fixtures and pipes breaking among other structural problems. Rempel Foundation Solutions takes pride in its ability to provide foundation structural repair solutions to homeowners in St. Catharines who experience:

 Cracks in masonry, walls and floors
 Bowing, bulging walls
 Tilting chimneys
 Stairway gaps
 Sticking windows
 Stair-step cracks in exterior bricks


Our process includes surveying the structure to establish a diagnosis and providing a free estimate prior to repairs.  On completion, Rempel Foundation Solutions offers a 100% guarantee.

Structural Reinforcement


Rempel Foundation Solutions is experienced in reinforcing foundations walls, pouring new concrete and improving drainage. Other services include:

  Anchors and brackets
  Underpinning systems
  Resistance pier and tiebacks

Contact our team today if you want to have your home’s foundation inspected.

wet basement

Wet Basement?

Water seepage can damage and break down your concrete foundation over time.

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