The experienced and skilled team at Rempel Foundation Solutions provides different types of foundation repairs. We serve all of St. Catharines and surrounding areas. We have worked on several residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Take a look at how we complete different projects below. Contact us today for more information.

Helical Pier Installation

Stabilizing Repair Solutions: Settlement pier and bracket installation, expert masonry restoration.

Warning Sign: Stair-steps Cracks in Exterior Brick

Mortar joints that give way can be an indication of foundation problems. As the house settles, sinking and shifting walls create gaps that can seriously impact the stability of the foundation.

Rempel Foundation Solutions

  • Pier Installation and Bracket Stabilization System
  • Waterproofing
  • Masonry Restoration

Pier Installation & Repair

A hydraulic driver screws helical piers at specific locations along load bearing walls of the foundation. The piles are installed deep into stable bearing soil until the required load bearing capacity is reached. The weight of your home is then transferred to the piles. In the process, the foundation and walls are repositioned and repaired.


A flexible self-adhering rubberized asphalt sheet is installed to waterproof the foundation walls.

Backfill & Sod

Well-drained and well-graded gravel provides a stable and permeable fill. Backfill foundation walls need to be compact to reduce setting and keep water away from structure.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Stabilizing Repair Solutions: Settlement pier and bracket installation, expert masonry restoration.

Warning Signs

Poor soil condition causes footings to fail and foundation settlement.

Rempel Foundation Solutions

  • Installation of anchoring and bracket system
  • Stabilizing repairs
  • Expert masonry restoration

Helical Pier Installation

Excavating in preparation of foundation wall anchoring.

Anchoring and Support System

Column being supported by set of helical piers.

Grout and Fill

Structure stabilized and repaired using helical piers for extra support.

Wall Reconstruction and Waterproofing

Stabilizing Repair Solutions: Wall reconstruction or reinforcement with additional drainage around wall exterior.

Warning Signs: Bowing, Bulging Walls

If your foundation is sinking due to water saturation, walls can become unstable, moving inwards under stress.

Rempel Foundation Solution

Wall reconstruction and reinforcement with additional drainage around new wall exterior and waterproofing.

Rebar & Ties

Following excavation, rods are installed and tied into a sturdy grid.

Structural Reinforcement

Walls are pushed back plumb and level and a knee wall of new concrete is poured to reinforce the foundation and provide additional support.

Waterproofing Protectant Membrane

Flexible geotextile membranes are installed to waterproof the foundation walls and weeping tile is replaced. Once complete, well-drained and well-graded gravel provides a stable and permeable fill.

Foundation Structural Repair and Reconstruction

Removal of underpinning, structural repair, new floor and walls, and expert masonry.

Warning Signs

Concrete floor is buckling, property settled 5 inches due to settlement.

Rempel Foundation Solutions

  • Removal of underpinning
  • Structural repair
  • New floor and walls
  • Expert masonry

Foundation Repair

Remove all walls to allow for excavation and removal of block foundation wall.

Removal of Underpinning

This oversized concrete underpinning caused major foundation damage. Removal of walls and concrete floors to footings.

Wall & Floor Refinishing

New concrete floor and masonry.

Backfill & Sod

Reconstruction complete.


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